Although, the root cause of concern related to male infertility issues often remain a mystery; but the research in regenerative medicine has displayed great potential in developing sperms in a dish, further hoping it could one day be implemented in routine practice.

Today, 1 out of 8 couples in the developed countries like US, India are facing issues in conception. Moreover, about half of these issues are being attributed to semen abnormalities in the male partner. Earlier things were not clear as to how sperm cells are being developed or how their motility affects the process of fertilization etc. There has been a lot of hodgepodge in understanding how these issues can be rectified; and the key developmental transitions in them.

These challenges although can now be overcome with the launch of advanced techniques that has to date made available a complete catalogue of all the cells involved in functional aspects of testis. This new insight has helped us to identified new sources of adult stem cells that are helpful in sperm development.