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Cell Based Treatments


Stem Rx was founded in the year 2012 by Dr Pradeep Mahajan M.B.B.S, M.S, F.I.C.A, M.A.M.S, A.F.I.H, D.U ( Austria ). Dr Mahajan is Chairman and Managing director, Stem Rx Bioscience solution’s. Dr Mahajan completed his MS in 1987 from Marathwada University, Maharashtra. He has also completed a diploma in Urology, in 1991, from University of Vienna, Austria. Dr Mahajan is Chairman, Medical Tourism, TACCI, India. He received the PARIS APPRECIATION AWARD from Robbie Wells, US presidential candidate for 2020 at the ICONIC EIFFEL TOWER in Paris. He has also acquired certificate of excellence in reviewing scientific publications and articles.

Dr Pradeep Mahajan has received several national and international awards and recognition’s, for his research and innovative work, in the field regenerative medicine and cell based therapy. Stem Rx became operational at Mumbai, and expanded in the year 2015 to the heart of Mumbai with world class state of the art facility. Staff member’s at Stem Rx are extremely helpful, understanding, and treat patient’s with utmost caring attitude and patience. They are attentive towards the needs of the patient’s and provide excellent services.

Stem Rx has a 4500 sq ft GMP, FDA, and CDSCO certified world class lab, with hi – tech precision equipment’s and high quality manufacturing of stem cells.

It is well equipped with distinct state of the art infrastructure and world class facilities. Stem Rx offer’s custom made protocol’s for treating various health problem’s. It hold’s patency for the treatment of orthopaedic condition such as Ankylosing spondylitis. It has developed autologous protocol’s for more than 75 disorder’s.

As chairman and managing director, Dr Mahajan has successfully performed challenging cell based therapies, and treated thousand’s of people suffering from condition’s that may seem impossible to treat, such as Autistic spectrum disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Avascular Necrosis, Type 2 diabetes, Osteoarthritis, fractures, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Muscular dystrophy, immune – compromised condition’s such as Psoraisis, leucoderma, Type 1 diabetes, Ankylosing spondylitis, etc. His services have been exemplary and unparalleled. He has strived to serve every part of community. Stem Rx aims at delivering the highest standards of healthcare to people across the globe. In the presence of world class physician’s and advanced technology, Stem Rx aims at treating people with chronic and debilitating condition’s, or genetic problem’s.


Achievement’s of Dr Pradeep mahajan ( Chairman and Managing Director, Stem Rx Bioscience Solution’s ) :

  • Dr Pradeep Mahajan is life member and treasurer of Stem Cell society of India,
  • Vice – president of Anti – Aging foundation in Delhi,
  • Awarded “Trendsetter for the year 2020 in the field of innovative technology and healthcare”, by the Maharashtra Times and Times Interact.
  • Awarded the “Krutagnyata Award” by the Mathadi Charitable Trust, Mumbai for his dedicated service in healthcare.
  • Awarded “Fastest growing healthcare brand for 2017” at Taj Lands end, Mumbai .
  • Has delivered lectures on Stem cell research at Ohio, USA.
  • Attended the OSU Event – Mumbai in 2015.
  • Delivered several lectures on advancement’s in Stem cell therapy and research, in Dubai, China, Mauritious, Africa and many other countries.
  • Met Shri JP Naddaji, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India for discussion on Stem cell therapy and research.
  • Met Shri Nitin Gadkari ( Minister of Road transport highways and Shipping, Govt of India ), for a discussion on the proposal of first human clinical trial using TNT and DNA chip technology in India.
  • Met Prime Minister of Mauritious, for discussion of latest advancement’s in the field of Stem cell research,
  • Met Health Minister of Mauritious for a discussion on Stem cell therapy and research,
  • Met Ex-president of India Smt.Pratibha Patil, for a discussion on Stem cell therapy research,
  • Met first AYUSH Minister Mr Shripad Naik for a discussion on Stem cell therapy and research,
  • Was felicitated at H3C conference for his scientific presentation on Regenerative Medicine, at Taj Mahal Hotel, at Mumbai.
  • Received “Asia’s greatest brand award” for 2016 at Singapore.
  • Attended the 8th World Health Industry conference at Beijing. Dr Mahajan spoke on Universal Medical Tourism and role of India.
  • Was invited to Beijing for the 8th World Health Industry conference for speaking on Global Silver haired economy in Healthcare, and Dr Mahajan also met several high end dignitaries, at the conference.
  • Has met several dignataries such as Hon. Deputy High commissioner of Bangladesh, Mr Lutfor Rehman, Hon Consul General of Ecuador Mr Hector Cueva,
  • Signed MOU with Cell Seed Japan for bringing Stem Cell sheet technology for the first time in India. Brought concept of Regenerated cartilage sheet for treating Knee Osteoarthritis,
  • Signed MOU with Cell Sonic UK
  • Scientific national advisor in the Indian Stem Cell Study group.
  • Is member of Editorial boards for :
    • Acta Scientific,
    • Various scholarly articles with Gavin Publisher’s, USA
    • Guest Editor, Jove Methods Collection,
    • Peer reviews of various leading British journals,
    • Member, editorial board for Daily hunt.
  • Has been appointed as core member in the Comittee to draft guidelines for Stem Cell Therapies in India, by the Govt of India.
  • Was felicitated by “Centre of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Based Therapies”, Ohio state university, USA in 2015.
  • Subject expert of Reliance Life Science Pvt Ltd.
  • Subject expert of Reelabs Pvt Ltd.
  • Subject expert for inspection of Saiseva Biotech Pvt ltd.
  • Appointed as Honorary Associate Professor at R.N.Cooper Hospital.
  • Was invited by the Ohio State University to attend the 9th Annual T2C conference.
  • Has acquired International patent for treating bone injuries, wherein autologous mesenchymal, haematopoetic stem cells, platelet rich plasma containing mononuclear cells, growth factor’s and scaffolding compounds are used in an osteoinductive formulation, isolated from the bone marrow, and / or adipose tissue. This invention also includes a minimal / non – invasive procedure for the treatment of Avascular Necrosis by administering the osteo – inductive formulation.
  • Has acquired National patent by the Govt of India, for the Non – surgical treatment ( therapeutically effective management ) of Avascular Necrosis, using autologous bone marrow mesenchymal biomaterials. The technique is also useful in fortifying the body immunity. It help’s the patient to overcome dependency on painkiller’s such as NSIDS, or other antibiotics, and eventually regain the normal body mobility. The therapy does not have any adverse effect’s also.


  • Has been principal investigator in WIRB clinical trial, in association with Ohio state university, and also reviewer for British journal of medicine and medical research, for clinical trial in Avascular Necrosis.
  • Was invited as Organising Comittee Member, and Key note speaker by the 3rd Global conference on Tissue engineering and Regenerative Medicine Stem cell research in Rome, Italy on February 24 – 25, 2020.
  • Was appointed as consultant and panel doctor by Government of India and Govt of Maharashtra with the director general of Shipping and Labour dept.
  • Has been MEMBER OF BOARD of studies in ITM University Raipur / MUHS for PhD courses, MSc and fellowship programmes in Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine.
  • Was nominated by the BID one group, for World Quality commitment award, on 23rd Sept 2019.
  • Was appointed as honorary associate professor for regenerative medicine, and cell based therapies, in Cooper Hospital, at Mumbai.
  • Was faculty for MD Transfusion Medicine at KEM Hospital, at lower Parel, Mumbai.
  • Has been examiner for various fellowship courses with D.Y.Patil Institute at Kolhapur.
  • Was principle investigator for first human clinical trial, using TNT technology, and DNA Chip technology for the first time in India, with Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA.
  • Participated in an exclusive training program in organ development and tissue engineering.
  • Received approval by the Independant Ethics comittee.
  • Met dignitaries of Surat Raktadan Kendra ( Deputy director Dr Narendra Vasavada, and Assisstant director Dr Kanchan Mishra ) for a discussion on Stem cell therapy, and research.
  • Was invited by Medical association of Kenya to address the free awareness program on Regenerative Medicine, and application of Stem cells in therapeutics.
  • Was invited by Prime Health Clinic of Uganda to address the free awareness program on Regenerative Medicine and Stem cell application in therapeutics.
  • Addressed the PAP Uganda Awareness programme on Regenerative Medicine and application of Stem cells in therapeutics, for 2018, and 2019.
  • Addressed the PAP Lusaka – Zambia Awareness programme on Regenerative Medicine and application of Stem cells in therapeutics, and also met CEO of Health Ministry Lusaka Dr Musheer Robinson, at the house of chief’s Zambia. Also had discussion’s on development of Stem cell research with Dr Gina Mulundu, of the Medical Microbiology University, teaching hospital Lusaka, Chief Surgeon Dr Munachonga, and the Head of Pathology lab Mr Rohit Narainsing Guttee.
  • Addressed the PAP Rwanda, awareness program on Regenerative Medicine and Stem cell therapy research.
  • Conducted a lecture on awareness of Stem cell therapy with doctor’s and patient’s at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Also met various dignitaries in Dhaka, Convener and Secretary general TACCI, Mr Sandeep Bhide, son of Hon. Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism Mr. Fahim Chowdhury, Chairman Lakeshore Hotel and President of Bangladesh Mr.Kazi.